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China Direct works with suppliers that can complete every aspect of your product development and logistics when you buy from China. Our services included but are not limited to:

  • Product Sourcing – Locating a capable, reliable, reliable, cost reasonable global source
  • Factory due diligence and product elaboration, from beginning to the first prototype
  • Procurement support and manufacture managing
  • Shipping the product from the offshore factory to the importer’s endpoint
  • Reservation of cargo for ocean or air freight transport
  • Administration of US Customs, Homeland Security, Federal Government filings
  • Tracing of freights
  • Local delivery to the customer’s endpoint
  • Compute the landed price: the price upon which the customer centers his retailing price

In other words: We offer everything you need to buy from China including managing factory due diligence, design, elaboration, prototyping, production and logistics.

Save Time, Money and the Nuisance When You Buy From China

  • Don’t wish to employ a full time import export managing staff?
  • Wish to save on health insurance, workman’s comp, and so on?
  • Puzzled by duties, bonds, ISF’s, U.S. Customs requests?
  • Worried about filing the incorrect forms?
  • Having problems getting a reliable, low priced offshore supplier?

Call us today at 800-419-7150 today for assistance with your plans to buy from China sources. We’ve been in the industry since 1982. We will assist you to start up and keep an effective import and export agenda. You center on what you do best. We’ll aid you to administer your imports. That’s what we do best.

The Best Guidance For Buy From China…

Get It Right The First Time

In other words, before getting in touch with a global sourcing representative such as our sourcing agents, concerning design, development, prototyping and packaging for a creation or a product that is presently manufactured by a China outsource company or an offshore producer in another country. Make sure you read all the information below to make your experience a successful one.

Sourcing managers or offshore factories will answer more positively to inquiries that have addressed such concerns, as those quoted above, than to those inquiries that have not arranged that material beforehand when you decide to buy from China.

Other useful information:

  • Be patient.  Design, development, prototyping, packaging of new items is a long process; usually takes more time than North American businesses are used to conveying for such project timetables.
  • Courier service, could account for two or more weeks of time considering the fact that mailing samples to a sourcing agent or global manufacturer through a courier could take one week, and possibly another week if asking for a sample from the manufacturer.
  • Keeping constant contact with the Chinese supplier is vital. In addition, administrators where you buy from may speak ‘English’, but that doesn’t assure you that they comprehend the message that you are trying to relay,  might find yourself lost in translation.
  • We insure that communication between the global source and the client is clear, accurate, timely and effective.

We let our clients concentrate on the management of their own business instead of worrying about the details when you buy from china, while helping them by acting as their global sourcing manager, administration of design, development, prototyping, packaging, shipment, filing of all Customs documents, delivery to the clients’ destination in the United States, and calculation of landed cost. We define our priorities based on your needs when you buy from china. So call us today for a free quote.

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    does testing a product longevity mean that i shoud get samples of the products and test them myself for months before buying them ??! if that’s not the case-cause this simply is’nt practical-, is there more practical ways to solve this issue? thank you.?,

  2. TheBuy More
    TheBuy More10-02-2012

    i hope you can answer this question for me…once youve bought the goods and have them shipped over, how do you market them? if i want to be a supplier how do i offer my goods to retailers? i know there are fairs that you can attend but if your just starting out, is a website a good enough start? whats the quickest way to advertise to as many buyers as possible?? I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR ADVICE!

  3. Brendan Elias
    Brendan Elias10-09-2012

    Hi ihatechriss. Excellent question. There are many ways to sell your product and how effective they are mainly depends on your product. You can sell on eBay, on Amazon, on Craigslist, in Magazines as well as your own website which you can promote with SEO or Google/Yahoo adwords and on related websites. You can also sell to small to medium stores and at the local markets. That should be plenty to get you going. Hope that helps and GOOD LUCK. :)

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    Ming He06-01-2013

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